Repair Wi-Fi

Our service center repairs the Wi-Fi in devices like D-Link, TP-Link, Asus, Apple, Dell and many others. The reasons of device failure may be quite different : from the careless use and wear of parts to the short circuit.


The features of repairing Wi-Fi devices:

  • the recovery after short circuit of device. This failure can happen at any time if the circuit of light had turned off or because there is many included devices at the same time;
  • the recovery after get moisture into the Wi-Fi device. If you spilt water, tea or coffee on your Wi-Fi device, you need to diagnose and identify the range of repairing. As usually, after such kind of problem the device is not turning on;
  • the replacement of the power supply for the Wi-Fi device is needed when the repair of the old power supply is not profitable. In this case you better to buy a new one. Our engineers will conduct the diagnosis to establish the exact reason of the problem and recommend you further steps to solve it.

You can setup and repair the Wi-Fi in your device in our service center every day at any convenient for you time. If you have any problem, we are ready to solve it as soon as possible. The term of repairing is one day. Call us or visit our service center to diagnose your device for free.