Clients of Service Centre "Fixitex" get firm guarantee. The guarantee applies only to works that have been carried out by our specialists and components installed during repairs in our service center.

The warranty does not cover such defects:

  • failure of parts that are not related to work performed by specialists of service center "Fixitex";
  • devices with traces of mechanical damage;
  • devices damaged due to infiltration of liquids inside;
  • other failures resulting from non-compliance with operating rules;
  • defects caused by normal wear and aging of the device;
  • Cosmetic damage (scratches, dents, etc.);
  • damage caused by using other products or devices;
  • faults caused by device maintenance by persons who are not representatives of "Fixitex" (including the installation of updates and expansion device software).

Also conditions of warranty service that does not cover on the following elements:

  • External batteries;
  • Rechargeable Batteries;
  • electronic lamps, LED lights and other electrical or gas-discharge light sources;
  • decorative coating of device (except defects of material coating);
  • Protective coating of unit;
  • parts made of glass (including Gorilla Glass), with obvious traces of mechanical damage (cracks, scratches, etc.).


Warranty period

The validity of firm guarantees of "Fixitex" can be from 1 to 6 months. Duration of firm guarantees depends on the type of failure, the nature of work performed and installed parts during the repair. The guarantee takes effect from the date of issue to the client of repaired equipment and issuing a guarantee card. Warranty period specified in the space provided in guarantee card. Note that warranty repair is done only with the properly executed warranty card. Apart the period of firm guarantee in coupon must be specified:

  • Type of product;
  • Company manufacturer;
  • The model and serial number of the device;
  • serial numbers of individual elements of the device (if available);
  • date of issue of the device to the client.

This document is the primary basis for the provision of services under warranty coverage. We recommend you to keep warranty card for the duration of the warranty.


Warranty repair is not performed if:

  • absence of properly executed warranty coupon;
  • bad readability of the warranty card (blurry text, the presence of stains, tearing paper and others);
  • expiry of warranty provided;
  • absence or mismatch of serial number on the warranty card;
  • presence of mechanical damage to the device (scratches, dents etc.);
  • presence of traces of self-supporting and repair of the device.


Performance of warranty repairs

Before taking the device for warranty repair it is always made a general diagnosis. According to the results of diagnostics there takes a decision on the possibility of repair under the warranty.


Duration of warranty repair

Duration of warranty repair up to 14 days. This period may be extended in case of delayed delivery of parts needed for repair. In the event of such a delay, the employee of "Fixitex" in advance informs the customer about changing the period of warranty repair.

In the event of force majeure conditions (war, civil unrest, natural disasters, import restrictions, etc.)., Service center "Fixitex" not responsible for the timely conduct of warranty repair.



Delivery of device to the service center "Fixitex" for warranty repair carried out by the client. All costs associated with the delivery of the device covered by the customer.

The company "Fixitex" is not liable for any delays of the clients related to warranty repairs.