Apple iPad repair

"Fixitex" network of service centers makes the warranty repair and service of Apple iPad. We carry out the repairs of any complexity and category. From firmware of iPad to the replacement of parts in it and assembly-disassembly of circuits. Having an extensive experience with electronics we carry out repairs of the iPad on decent and high level. After the repair of Ipad of any generation we provide you a guarantee for done work and installed parts. The replacement of glass or screen in iPad at our service centers takes several hours. Customers who turned to "Fixitex" once recommend us to their family and friends.

Type of repair in iPadAir2Air432mini3mini2mini
Replacement of glass in iPad3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours
Replacement of display in iPad3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours
Replacement of battery in iPad3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours
Replacement of charging jack in iPad3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours
Replacement of switch button in iPad3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours
Replacement of usb controller in iPad24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours
Replacement of power-controller in iPad24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours
Replacement of headphones jack in iPad3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours
Replacement of polyphonic dynamic in iPad3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours
Replacement of microphone in iPad3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours
Replacement of Wi-Fi in iPad24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours
Replacement of HOME-button in iPad3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours
Motherboard soldering in iPad3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours
Cleaning after moisture iPad3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours
Replacement of front camera in iPad3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours
Replacement of main camera in iPad3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours

Replacement of glass in iPad

iPad is a device from a premium category of tablet computers. Apple is always surprising us with their modifications in new versions of that device. Metal body and front panel that made from tempered glass makes the exterior of device unique. But it has disadvantages also. The front glass panel of Ipad is not sufficiently strong and often breaks after falling. The replacement of glass in iPad takes several hours and if you have been smashed the glass in your iPad, then you should agree with thought that y ou will need spend some time without a tablet. Our engineers will replace the glass in your iPad and provide you a guarantee for done work and installed parts.. We install the glass of best quality and make a diagnostics before and after repairing of iPad. Our engineers love their work and perform the repair of Ipad since the advent  of it in fruit company.


Replacement of screen in iPad

Almost all Apple iPads displays made from Retina. This screen differs by gorgeous quality of picture and very high rate of pixels per unit density of display square. Replacement of screen in iPad of any generation is very similar to replacement of glass or sensor in the same version of the tablet from Apple. Replacement of the screen in iPad must be dismantled along with the glass and the touch-screen and then proceed to replacement of the screen. We don`t recommend you make this procedure at home with using of improvised tools. The case is that to replace the display in Ipad you must have an experience in repairing of iPad and the special equipment for this kind of work. The replacement of screen in Ipad executes just a few hours. We use only original screens that allows you to enjoy using of your tablet after repairs as well as it was new. If you didn`t change the screen of iPad in our centers, you should do it and make an estimate of level and quality of our work. We give discounts for regular customers.


Replacement of battery in iPad

If your iPad runs out of power very fast and very slow in charging, it may mean that the battery in your iPad survives its last times . The average otput of battery with normal expluatation of iPad is about one year. Sometimes the battery in Ipad can work much longer, and it happens, that need replace it after a few weeks or months of using . What if you noticed symptoms listed above?  It's simply. We invite you to conduct a free diagnosis in our service centers and then we can identify the problem and fix it. If you need to replace the battery of iPad, we are happy to help you with it. This service takes only a few hours. Original spare parts are always available. We provide you with warranty on performed work and for battery - which other repair centers don`t have it. The fact that the battery of iPad, like in any electronic device it considered as consumable resource. And they don`t have the guarantee for consumable resources.


Replacement of shell in iPad

The enclosure In Apple iPad enclosure is made from metal. Metal is very durable  material, has good conducting properties, well protected inside the device, but easy deformed when it falls on the asphalt, tile or other hard surfacec. The other parts may be damaged . For example the glass or the screen. Our service center often gets Apple iPad with broken glass and with curved corners of the shell. Our engineers need special equipment to restore the body of iPad. If injuries are serious, then we can replace the shell in the iPad. Replacement of the shell in iPad is not a difficult procedure, but it requires a long time. It should be given to replacing the shell in iPad  almost the whole day. In this procedure includes virtually all possible modular repairs  of Ipad of any generation: replacement of the glass in iPad, replacement of the screen in iPad, replacement of the battery and more. It better to set original case. We provide you a guarantee for done work . Similarly,during the replacement of the shall we may put engraving or to airbrush your iPad`s body. We can also cover your iPad with skin.


iPad is not turning on

We often service a clients whose Ipad was disconnected  and not turned on. What do you need to do if your Apple iPad not turns on? At first we need to determine the cause of this. If the problem just in case of the banal software glitches we will solve the problem in minutes with hard reset of the device. But what if a problem is not programmatic but mechanical? Maybe the battery or power button was broken. A tablet could get wet and requires cleaning and soldering of iPad. In order to determine the diagnosis and we have a free diagnostics in our service centers. After our diagnosis we can eliminate the cause of failure and repair your iPad.Do not be upset if your iPad is not turning on. After repairing we provide you a warranty card with the check.


iPad is not charging

Our customers often complain that the iPad is running out of its battery very fast. They have to charge their tablet two or three times a day . In this case, you should not just replace the battery in the iPad,but hold free and high-quality diagnosis, which results show us the exactly problem is and what we need to repair in the Ipad. In the majority of cases it is necessary to replace the battery in the iPad. But not always the replacement of battery in the iPad helps to solve this kind of problem. Sometimes it is neccessary to clean or replace the water from chain or charging circuits. We hold iPad repair of any complexity. To solve such problems as the "iPad is not charging" we are ready to take over  the whole device that your mobile assistant pleased you again. After repairing you get a receipt and a warranty card.


Apple iPad repair

"Fixitex" offers comprehensive services for the repair and maintenance of Apple iPads. The engineers of our network will eliminate any failure of the tablet, whether  the simple replacement of glass  in Apple iPad or soldering of the board. We offer  a reasonable prices and guarantee the highest quality of our work.


Apple iPad repair

In the case of replacement the individual parts or components we always offer to you a choice between original parts and high-quality copies. When you need to replace the battery in your iPad, You decide which battery need be installed in the tablet.

The range of our services includes:

  • diagnosis;
  • replacement of individual components of the device;
  • repair and recovery of the circuits;
  • eliminating of software defects;
  • control testing of the gadget.

The time of repair depends on the type and complexity of the problem. For example, the replacement of the shell in iPad taking less than an hour (it depends on availability of engineers). If your device requires an integrated recovery work after wet it will take several hours. You don`t have time to wait? You can use the urgent repair service.


iPad 2 repair

The second generation of tablet computers  was released by Apple in 2011. Many fans of the "apple production" actively use the tablet iPad 2 for today, and therefore often needed in professional help with their repair. Your iPad 2 isn`t turning on? Please contact our nearest service center. Our engineers will take care about maintaining efficiency of your iPad.

Basic "Fixitex" services for owners of iPad 2:

  • installation of new elements of the device: replacement of glass, touch screen, shell;
  • replacement of functional buttons: power on, Home, Volume;
  • replacement of speakers and the microphone;
  • replacement of connectors;
  • Replacement the battery;
  • Replacement of cameras.

If you need to replace the new screen in iPad 2 or other parts, we can offer you certified original parts. Do you want to reduce the cost of repairs? We offer a wide selection of high-quality copies for iPad 2.

You can diagnose your device in any of "Fixitex" service centers, and we identify and eliminate the existing problem. "Contact Us" to know where is located the nearest service center to you.


iPad 3 repair

The main unique highlights of iPad 3 was the processor and maximum functions of device capabilities like to the PC functions. You need to repair the iPad 3? Please contact with "Fixitex" service centers.


Servicing of the iPad 3

iPad 3 or New iPad are belonging to reliable gadgets from Apple. But even these tablets can brake down by reason of negligent treatment, accumulation of dust or moisture, and also after using of non-original chargers. After serious injuries iPad 3 may not work. To solve this problem is difficult because you need special tools, high-quality parts and good knowledge of the Apple iPad from the inside. Your iPad 3 is not turning on and you can not to charge it? "Fixitex" service center  will help you to identify the true cause of the problem. After careful diagnosisl our engineer will reveal the damaged items and replace them. If you need to replace the battery in your iPad 3, you can buy the original battery from Apple in "Fixitex" repair center. We provide you a guarantee for done work and installed parts.


iPad 4 repair

The fourth generation of Apple's tablet computer was introduced like "iPad with Retina display". Entered on market in the second half of 2012, they still remain one of the most popular "apple" tablets. "Fixitex" experts provide the most rapid and quality repair of iPad 4. Please contact us and we will cope with any problem (replacement of glass in iPad 4, the damaged hull, not working charger or software failures).


Urgent repairs of iPad 4 (Retina)

In our service center repairs of Apple iPad always done with the same pattern:

  • diagnostics;
  • Troubleshooting;
  • testing.

Even the replacement of battery in iPad4 is always performed only after diagnostics of gadget. The reason is simple: for example, your tablet was fell and his shell is damaged. At first glance, you need only to replace the shell in your iPad 4. But small items, loops and circuits of tablet could be damaged after the fall. And even if after this incident your iPad4 works properly, over time, the failures may show itself: mistakes of sensor, defects of camera, spontaneous reboot. In order to exclude the presence of hidden defects and ensure the quality of the repair, we always perform diagnostics before and after repairs.


iPad Air repair

The fifth generation of "apple" tablets is the iPad Air. Among the advantages of this device  are take stylish, ultra-slim body and advanced technical capabilities. The most vulnerable points of the gadget as before are the touch screen and the glass. Replacement of glass in iPad Air in"Fixitex" service center  a guarantee of proper operation and longevity of your tablet.


Choose of parts for iPad Air

Within the warranty it always install only original parts for iPad Air . However, if the warranty has expired or repair is envisaged by the warranty the issue of choosing the parts is become in priority. In "Fixitex" service center an every customer has a choice: to restore original parts from Apple or its high-quality copies. In this case, we use only certified components and for all installed spare parts  we provide additional security for 6 months. To learn more about repair of iPad Air, please contact the consultant of "Fixitex".


iPad Air 2 repair

iPad Air 2 the sixth generation Ipad created by "apple" corporation. In "Fixitex" service center the owners of iPad Air 2 can receive a full range of repair services: from the selection of charger to soldering of board.

Repair of tablets from Apple in our service center takes as quick as possible. For example, the replacement of shell in Ipad Air 2 can be done in a few hours, in subject of availability the required components. The average duration of the repair is one day.


Quality repairs of iPad Air 2 with a guarantee

Your iPad Air 2 is not turning on? Rather, bring your tablet to the nearest "Fixitex" office. After diagnosis of device our expert will determine and remediate the deficiencies. Perhaps the sensor was broke and you need only to replace the screen in your iPad Air 2. This service takes only a few hours

Why you should choose "Fixitex"? Because we have best qualified and experienced engineers. To resume iPad tablet we use only the latest equipment and special tools designed for the repair of "apple" electronics. Moreover, our service center provide you a guarantee for done work and installed parts.

iPad mini repair

iPad mini tablets are different from their full-length progenitors with more compact size and affordable price. However, the list of problems faced by owners of these gadgets remains unchanged. iPad mini also vulnerable in the fall, moisture or careless handling. "Fixitex" experts will help you to remove distortions in your gadget.


Integrated services for iPad mini

Our service center offers a full range of services for owners of iPad mini:

  • replacement of Glass in iPad mini;
  • replacement of sensor and display;
  • battery replacement in iPad mini;
  • replacement of function keys;
  • repair and replacement of microphone and speaker;
  • repair and replacement of connectors;
  • eliminating of software defects and more.

The time of repair depends on the complexity of the problem. Replacement of screen in iPad mini often takes a couple of hours in the absence of hidden faults and defects. The professionalism of our engineers and the availability of high quality equipment allows us to repair the iPad mini quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. See for yourself by contacting one of the "Fixitex" offices network . For the nearest service center you can find in our consultant or in "Contacts".


iPad mini Retina repair

The tablet iPad mini Retina represents the second generation of miniature the Internet tablet from Apple. "Fixitex" provides a comprehensive service and repair of that kind of devices.


When to seek for help?

You should immediately contact the nearest "Fixitex" service center if you encountered with any of these problems:

  • your iPad mini Retina doesn`t turn on;
  • reloading of individual programs or tablet in general;
  • your iPad mini Retina doesn`t charge;
  • speaker doesn`t work.

Minor malfunctions at first glance can indicate the presence of serious defects in the work of your gadget. Timely appeal to the "Fixitex" service center will relieve you from unnecessary costs for repair or buying a new device.

Also, our specialists can replace the major parts in iPad: the main and the front camera, speaker, microphone and more. Particular attention is paid to the selection of components. If you need to replace the battery in iPad mini Retina, at our service center we install a new certified battery from Apple. Do you want to save on repairs without risking the operability of device? Our specialist will select the appropriate high quality analog of battery.


iPad mini 3 repair

iPad mini 3 refers to the third generation of Apple tablets. The gadget has become the thinner, the lighter, and therefore more vulnerable. Replacement of glass in iPad mini 3 - one of the most popular service in our service center. Causes of malfunction iPad mini 3 are pretty simple: reckless operation, frequent falls or strong shock, falling into the device of moisture or using of non-genuine charger.

How to restore the work of iPad mini 3?

If you ran into with any problems from Apple devices, please contact the "Fixitex". Trying to solve singly encountered problems is ridiculous for two reasons:

  • at first, the independently replacement of shell in iPad mini 3 may cause the device to complete uselessness;
  • at the second, the restoration of the tablet after self "repair" will cost you more expensive than conventional diagnosis and replacement of faulty parts or circuits.

Also, you never determine by yourself the actual cause of the problem. If it seems that the screen requires the replacement, the problem may be in the sensor, the display software failures or damaged chip. Do not experiment with the technique - contact "Fixitex" experts.