Repair tablet

Tablets almost completely replaced laptops and personal computers from electronics market. Thats why repairing of tablets is very relevant for today. Repair of tablet much cheaper and more practical than buying new. It is well, if the repair of tablet made under the warranty conditions and the company replace your gadget on a new one. But what if the gadget does not work beacause of the owner? Tablet fell and crashed or get wet. This case does not fall under the warranty. For this there is a great international network of service centers "Fixitex". We offer a complete service - from configuration to complex hardware repair. "Fixitex" performs tablet repair of world famous manufacturers: Apple, Lenovo, HTC, Samsung, ASUS and others.

We are engaged in the repair of tablets since the first tablet computer. Our experience allows us to solve the most complex tasks in a few hours and perform complex repair of tablets. After repairing you get a guarantee on the work performed and spare parts. Turning to us, you are applying to professionals!

Turning to the "Fixitex", you can use the most full-service on repair and maintenance tablets. Our engineers perform work of any complexity, including:

  • restoring information;
  • repair or replace of any components;
  • soldering circuits;
  • reset to factory settings;
  • software Update.

We repair devices from 70 world famous brands. In the absence of necessary spare parts at the time of your request, we will take care of their order and most rapid delivery of them to the right office.

Thanks to careful diagnostic of the device, the repair of your tablet will be made most efficiently and promptly. In order for you to verify the integrity of the repaired device we will conduct final testing of the tablet.

The guarantee of "Fixitex"

After the repair our service center manager will issue special brand warranty on work performed and approved parts. Warranty period can be from 2 to 6 months.

Use your chance and extend the life of your favorite device today - choose "Fixitex".