Apple Watch repair

Our specialists are able to facilitate the repair and maintenance of Apple Watch, which is a kind of separate product and can not be compared with others in its class. Architectural features of the product significantly reduces its maintainability. However, we can offer a comprehensive diagnostics of the clock and elimination of effects that arise from the result of not too careful operation.


Technical features of repair of Apple Watch

Replacement of display and flashing Apple Watch is not a big challenge for specialists of our service center, although it is necessary to take into account structural features and general layout of the screen, which is quite different from the majority counterparts. For that reason, repairs may take from one to several days, especially if we are dealing with mechanical damage.

However, this does not affect the quality of technical procedures and diagnostics, which includes a complete analysis of the electronic unit of the device and the identification of parts whose state is close to critical. Technology used in the production of Apple Watch, quite complex and relatively new even for the modern digital technology market. Therefore, only qualified technical intervention may be the only chance to extend the life of the device. Replacement of housing, connector, eliminating software failures in Apple Watch - our experts perfectly cope with any of these and other problems, and provide up to six months warranty on the work done and installed parts.