Apple iPhone repair

You can make repairs of Apple iPhone of all generations within the walls of our service centers or to pass for repairs your iPhone in the receiving station of equipment. We perform repair of iPhones different levels of complexity, from preventive cleaning your iPhone from dust, dirt or moisture to installation chips previous We perform repair of iPhones different levels of complexity, from preventive cleaning your iPhone from dust, dirt or moisture to installation chips previous reball (reball - restore contact group of chips) with removal of chips from compound (compound - a special resin-glue, which is used to more quality and reliable mounting chips to the motherboard). Turning to us once more than 95% of clients are permanent.

Type of iPhone repair6+65S5C54S4
iPhone Glass Replacement24 hours24 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours1 hour1 hour
Replacing the screen (display) iPhone30 min30 min30 min30 min30 min1 hour1 hour
iPhone shell Replacement3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours1 hours1 hours
iPhone microphone Replacement1 hour1 hour1 hour1 hour1 hour1 hour1 hour
iPhone on button Replacement1 hour1 hour1 hour1 hour1 hour1 hour1 hour
iPhone speaker Replacement30 min30 min30 min30 min30 min30 min30 min
iPhone charging connector Replacement30 min30 min30 min30 min30 min30 min30 min
Replacement of iPhone headphones jack30 min30 min30 min30 min30 min30 min30 min
iPhone Speaker Replacement30 min30 min30 min30 min30 min30 min30 min
iPhone cameras Replacement30 min30 min30 min30 min30 min30 min30 min
iPhone Battery Replacement10 min10 min10 min10 min10 min10 min10 min
iPhone Home Button Replacement30 min30 min30 min30 min30 min30 min30 min
iPhone audiochip Replacement24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours
iPhone vibration motor Replacement1 hour1 hour1 hour1 hour1 hour1 hour1 hour
iPhone frontal camera Replacement1 hour1 hour1 hour1 hour1 hour1 hour1 hour
iPhone USB controller Replacement24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours
iPhone power controller Replacement24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours
Cleaning after moisture penetration into iPhone1-24 hours1-24 hours1-24 hours1-24 hours1-24 hours1-24 hours1-24 hours
Soldering of mainboard of iPhone1 hour1 hour1 hour1 hour1 hour1 hour1 hour
Replacement of Wi-Fi in iPhone5 hours5 hours5 hours5 hours5 hours5 hours5 hours


Replacement of glass in your iPhone

iPhone has an excellent screen on it's board. In this regard apple device constantly leaves its competitors in the cold. Not everyone can afford to change a screen. Apple does not support iPhone glass replacement  in almost all generations of iPhone. Using modular screens (the module includes components such as glass, screen and digitizer, also touch screen) Apple achieves beautiful image quality and high performance of display modules, but in doing so they raised the bar of the iPhone's display replacement. Not every iPhone user wants to spend more than 50% of cost of the phone on screen replacement. That is why "Fixitex" provides you a services for glass replacement in iPhone. This procedure requires the expenditure of time and a high level of skill. We easily perform glass replacement in iPhone and provide warranty. We use advanced technology in glueing screens. This allows us to perform work at a high level. Please contact our service center for glass replacement in iPhone and we will help you to restore your iPhone.


Replacing the screen (display) in your iPhone

For those who think that there is an acceptable price to replace the screen, we can offer this service. If you have cracked glass or the screen itself in iPhone, you need to replace your parts. Apple is providing this service in the Apple Store officially already (We remind you that earlier the company did not conduct the repair of damaged devices, and replaced them with new ones). Today, anyone who crippled his iPhone, can safely rely on the provision of such services as a replacement iPhone screen in official stores of the company. In "Fixitex" we can with pleasure replace the screen on the iPhone in minutes. IPhone screen replacement takes from 10 minutes to several hours. It all depends on the workload of engineer and queue. In any case, if you are really in a hurry, you can order emergency repairs of iPhone and get good and fast (almost super fast service of your iPhone). We install original screens and copies of excellent quality. We give a guarantee of one to six months on our work and materials. Please contact "Fixitex" for the screen replacement in iPhone and you'll be satisfied!


Replacement of the case in your iPhone

iPhone Case never had the strength and usability. Creating masterpieces in Cupertino they have completely forgotten about the reliability of the phone.The more its functionality and its attractiveness, the less reliable it is in daily operation. IPhone shell Replacement is necessary when there is significant traces of wear and is no longer looks good, and if it is also deformed because of the difficult lifestyle of its owner. Falingl on the floor and tile, daily wearing iPhone in a pocket with keys or other small things, opening beer and other drinks using iPhone - everything is hurting iPhone case. If your phone fall into one of these categories of damage - then carry it to us and we will replace the body of your iPhone.  IPhone shell replacement does not take much time. Despite this, to change at home the body of iPhone is not recommended. This procedure requires good skills and experience in repairing iPhones. Bring iPhone to our service and we will replace the casing on your iPhone with pleasure.


Replacement of speaker in your iPhone

If you no longer hear the interlocutor in conversation it means that speaker in your iPhone does not provide a signal. In this case, you must determine what the problem is. Here may be a few breakdowns. If the speaker is broken, it is necessary to replace it. IPhone Speaker changing for some hours. Repair refers to the modular category. If the replacement of iPhone speaker did not bring the desired result it is necessary to look ahead and understand other possible faults. When replacing dynamics in iPhone we can use (on request) original parts or quality copy. What is the difference between them our managers will tell you with pleasure.


Replacement of power button in your iPhone

If your iPhone does not turn on or enter standby mode when you press the Power (Power on), you must replace it. Replacement of power button in iPhone relates to a modular repairing. We need several hours for replacement of power button because the phone has to be completely disassembled. In almost all generations of iPhone power button is on the trail of the other buttons (volume buttons, the contact group under vibration call and others). Spares changing fully without the use of soldering station. We offer our customers a choice of several quality options. Our consultants will help you with the choice. After replacing the Power on the iPhone, we provide a guarantee on the work performed by us and installed parts.


Replacement of polyphonic speaker in your iPhone

Can not hear the ringtone? No sound application? iPhone became silent? - The reason for this may be a polyphonic speaker (Boozer), which stopped working. This is what makes sounds in your mobile pet. To replace polyphonic speaker in iPhone, we should spend about half an hour and have the necessary tools and spare parts. The original Boozer, a set of screwdrivers and our engineer with fresh head. After replacing the iPhone dynamics, our service centers will provide you with warranty card and old parts on demand. There may be other reasons why your iPhone is silent. Read about it below.


Replacement of charging connector in your iPhone

You can not charge the battery of your iPhone? The reason of the fault can be both the phone and the charger. Replacement iPhone connector charging  - one of the most simple and effective solutions of this problem. Do you want to repair your favorite phone? Please contact service center "Fixitex". Our experts will cope with the task of any complexity. Most of faults are removed within 1 - 3 hours. All parts are warranted. Before any repairs we carefully perform device diagnostics. It can detect all existing defects and damage, and then - to establish their causes. As a result, our specialists will know for sure: we need to replace your iPhone charging connector or enough to buy a new charger. Take care of your phone's performance - please contact the service center "Fixitex" today.


Replacement of headphone jack in your iPhone

If the headphones sound disappears, the cause of failure usually is in headset. Although if your iPhone has been dropped or fell into the water, the new headphones will not solve the problem of the lack of sound. You will need a full replacement of headphone jack in the iPhone.

"Fixitex" offers a full-service for repair and maintenance of smartphones Apple iPhone. Service centers of our network are located in all major regions of Kyiv. We offer really affordable prices and guarantee the flawless quality of the repair.

After performing complex device diagnostics, our experts will identify the real cause of breakage phone and will find the optimal solution of the problem. If you really need a headphone jack replacement in iPhone, repair of your phone will take only a few hours. Upon your request we can use Apple original parts or inexpensive, but high-quality counterparts. The quality and authenticity of used components guaranteed.

Replacing the main camera in your iPhone

Damage of the camera - one of the most common faults faced by owners of mobile phones. The camera may be damaged as a result of a fall, or excessive shock or ingress of water. Typically, the only solution is to replace the main camera in your iPhone.

In some cases, the cause of failure of the camera is a glitch in installed software. Then it is necessary to turn to professionals, able to hold the device firmware. Replacement of camera in this case will not give the desired results.

Referring to the service center "Fixitex",  you will be able to eliminate not just the obvious faults but the hidden defects too. Thanks to a thorough diagnostic our specialists of service center "Fixitex" can get full information about the real state of your phone. We will repair the iPhone and help you to save not only time but also your money.


Replacement of the front camera in your iPhone

The front camera has long become an essential component of the modern smartphone. All video calls are made with its help, it takes pictures and it provides full operation of many applications. So if there appeared failures in the work of chamber, you should seek help from professionals.

Changing the front camera in iPhone will help to correct operation of the phone only if the cause of the failure lay in the camera. Typically, a complete replacement front camera of Apple iPhone made after heavy damage to the phone due to a fall or moisture.

A less common cause of camera down is a software glitch. Changing the front camera  in this case is not needed, just to flash the device.

Experts in service center "Fixitex" cope with the solution of any problem. Our staff will conduct a thorough diagnostics of smartphone and quickly eliminate all defects.


Replacing light sensor in your iPhone

Apple iPhone illumination sensor responsible for the serviceability of the many features of the smartphone. Thats why the damage of this part can may create troubles to owner. In service center "Fixitex" we will help to eliminate any breakdown or failure in smartphones from Apple.

After the fall,strong hit or got moisture into Iphone damages not only the phone`s frame or screen, but small parts of the device. The replacement of Ihone light sensor usually helps to eliminate all breakdowns related with violation of touch-screen sensitivity . In some cases it may need to set up additional software or setup refresh for Iphone.

 After turning to one of the "Fixitex" service center, it takes a few hours and then you will return your phone with original appearance and work performance. We make a mandatory diagnostics before repairing, because it allows to determine the real causes of failure and identify hidden defects.


Replacement of microphone in your iPhone

If during the conversation your interlocutor  don`t hear you it is high probability in failure of microphone. The replacement of microphone in your Iphone in “Fixitex” repair center helps you not only to dispose the problem of microphone, but find hidden defects in your phone. The resumption of work in “Fixitex” service center is always begins from diagnostics  your Iphone. Our experts can assess the real state of your smartphone, identify existing damage and determine their causes in a few minutes. Only with this approach of repairing mobile devices can guarantee the excellent quality of their work in the future. It usually takes up to 3 hours for the repair or replacement your microphone by our service`s experts. “Fixitex” gives you a guarantee for installed parts. The replacement of microphone in Iphone can be made with using original parts from Apple or their high-quality copies.


Replacement of accumulator in your iPhone

The replacement of battery is very simple procedure.  However, in the case with Apple Iphone you should trust this operation to experienced experts. The replacement of battery in your Iphone in “Fixitex” is your chance to do it quickly and not expensive. It can be a few reasons for the battery replacement: from the battery output down to his injuries with a fall or water inside it. Among the causes of battery failure the special place  takes a wrong exploitation and charge of iPhone. The “Fixitex” experts will promptly diagnose your phone and spot the real reasons of the breakage. If you need to make a replacement of battery in your iPhone, our professionals will pick the right model of the battery. At your option, the replacement of accumulator in your Iphone can be made with using original parts from Apple or their high-quality copies.


Replacement of "Home"-button in your iPhone

"Home"-button is one of the most defenseless place in iPhone. Any careless movement, blow dust or water can cause the damage for it. The specialists of our service center will help you to solve the problem with replacement  "Home"-button.  You can repair Apple iPhone of any generation in the "Fixitex" . If you need to replacement "Home"-button in the iPhone, we can offer to you the original spare parts. Do you want to reduce the cost of repair? Choose only high-quality copies of the spare parts Apple. The Replacement of "Home"-button can be made only after identifying the causes of breakage.  In the last analysis, in addition of mechanical damage,The failure to function buttons of smartphone can cause software failure. To repair your smartphone effectively "Fixitex" experts will conduct the preliminary diagnosis of your Iphone. After our experts find all of these defects and their causes, our engineers will fix  iPhone and give you a guarantee.


Replacement of vibration in your iPhone

Vibration is one of the most popular features of any mobile phone, including iPhone. However, after falling or getting wet the function of vibration can be broken . In this case it is better to seek help for "Fixitex". The Replacement of vibration in the iPhone will not take more than a couple hours. Careful diagnosis of smartphone will help to identify the real cause of breakage. After the repair and testing of the device, you can pick up your phone. The Replacement of vibration-call often entails a complete replacement of the plume. It is not desirable to carry out such manipulations alone.   After all, in addition to a set of special tools and appropriate spare parts you need to be aware in perfection about features and trim disassembly / collection of  Apple iPhone. "Fixitex" experts will quickly pick up the appropriate spare parts for your phone. If you want to reduce cost of repair, it is possible to use the high-quality analogue parts. All installed parts have warranty.


Replacement of  Wi-Fi in your iPhone

Can not to connect to the Wi-Fi? The signal disappears and the connectivity is often interrupts while using? Perhaps, you need to replacement your Wi-Fi.  "Fixitex" engineers will help you to determine the cause of the problem and restore your smartphone. Wi-Fi module can be broken for many reasons. The most popular injuries are mechanical bumps from falling or water inside it. The complete replacement of the Wi-Fi module in the Iphone  is the most effective solution to this problem. After install of a new module Wi-Fi, you`ll not only eliminate the cause of the problem, but also prevent this problem in the future. At your option, "Fixitex" experts can set the original parts from Apple or its high-quality copies. After the repair we will make the mandatory testing, and for all installed parts and performed work we give you a warranty.


The replacement of audio controller in your iPhone

If the sound in your Iphone has stopped to work, perhaps the audio controller had been broken. At first sight the replacing of audio controller in the iPhone  may seem  a simple procedure. However, only professional wizards have all of the necessary skills and tools  for qualitative repair. "Fixitex" offers you package of services to repair your device . The Replacement of audio controller in your Iphone  takes less than 3 hours in our center. At first we diagnose device and after that we test it . In such a way our experts identify the possible shortcomings in using and check the quality of repair. We repair smartphones from Apple efficiently, quickly and inexpensively. The Replacement of iPhone audio controller can be carried out with using original spare parts. For further advice contact your nearest "Fixitex" service center or order a free callback.


The replacement of USB-controller in your iPhone

Your iPhone is always turns off, restarts or stopps to charge? Perhaps, the problem is going from USB-controller. "Fixitex" can help you to diagnose and replace USB-controller and then to restore it in working capacity.  Among the main reasons that kind of failure can be mechanical damage, dust or moisture, and problem with charging of device. The last one could be triggered by a sudden surges of power, and by using poor-quality chargers. Our experts would quickly identify the true reason of the problem and efficiently eliminate its consequences. If you need to replace USB-controller in the iPhone, we will find the appropriate spare parts or high-quality copies. We give you a guarantee for all performed work.


The Replacement of power-controller in your iPhone

Controller of power is one of the main chip that located on the motherboard of iPhone. This chip controls the operation of the battery and its responsible for the power unit quality. If moisture or dust are enter inside Iphone,(as well as mechanical damage) it may need to replace the power-controller by using a soldering-iron. "Fixitex"  experts conduct the diagnose of your smartphone that will help to establish the real causes of failure or availability of additional faults. Sometimes the incorrect charging of smartphone or using of non-genuine charger are the reasons of failure. In this case, you don`t need replace power-controller, but buy a new charger.  "Fixitex" experts help you to choose the appropriate exercises and tell about the basic principles of charging the Iphone.


The recovery of your iPhone after spills

The moisture and provoked corrosion - the main causes of most failures of modern electronics. So if your iPhone got wet , you should immediately seek help from a specialist. In "Fixitex" you can get a full recovery of your Iphone after the  fluid. Specialists of our center work fast and promptly as possible. It usually takes up to 3 hours to repair Iphone after that problem. We use only modern cerified mobile equipment for configuration and diagnostics.  The recovery of Iphone after spills can be conducted in any our office. Your phone will be carefully dismantled, cleaned from water and salt, and after - checked for malfunctions or breakdowns. "Fixitex" repair center are located in major districts of Kyiv. We give you a guarantee after repair. Do you have any questions? You can contact with our consultant online or turn to the nearest "Fixitex" service center.


The restore of your iPhone after the fall

One of the most popular problem of electronics failure is drop/slog. Even in the absence of obvious damage signs, the located inside the mobile phone chips and parts can be broken. So if you accidentally dropped your iPhone, you should certainly take it to the nearest  "Fixitex" service center. Our experts perform quickly diagnosis and, (if it necessary), we restore your iPhone after the fall. The mechanical injuries are pose a serious danger to the screen, touch-sensitivity, speaker and camera. If the attack was very strong, the internal chip board could be broken. In this case, you should to recover your iPhone after falling , which includes the repair or replacement of several parts. Do not try to repair your Iphone by yourself. It is better to contact one of the "Fixitex" service center  and entrust the destiny of your favorite phone for our professionals. "Fixitex" engineers are promptly eliminate failures of any complexity.