Repair of mobile phones and smartphones

Without what can not modern man do today? Food, water, clothing ... Yes, this is all that is necessary for us. But show me at least one person who does not have a mobile phone. There is no people like that probably. And if there is, they can be counted on the fingers. And those are far away in India. Phone this is the device, without which we like without hands. That's why service of repairing mobile phones and smart phones popular among the residents of Ukraine and not only. Not everyone is ready to throw out your phone if it is broken or its sensor is damaged. Right! Why should you buy a new smartphone if the old one is not bad and can serve for a long time?

If you need to repair mobile phone or smartphone, that you accidentally dropped or deliberately thrown into the interlocutor, during the unpleasant conversation, we can do it. Turning to our service center, you can fully be sure that your mobile pet is in good hands. Repair of mobile phones - our specialization since 2005. It was then laid the beginning of an international network of service centers "Fixitex". We repair phones as easy as you make a paper airplane, even easier.

Replacement shell phone, replacement smartphone sensor, replacement buttons, replacement charger connector, replacement of screen, replacement battery or other procedure takes a few hours and your phone or smartphone "works like a clock" again. The network of our service centers carries out repair of mobile phones and smartphones of any complexity. We repair devices of any trademark ranging from budget mobile phones and ending flagship model of market leaders such as Apple, Samsung, HTC and others.

The network of service centers "Fixitex" concentrated in the capital of Ukraine and Poland. To repair your device in Kyiv everyone can, leaving him in one of the points of reception technics. But if you're not in Kiev, if you in any other city in Poland or Ukraine you can make the delivery to our service center using delivery service. For this you need to contact our manager, who will tell you how best and how convenient to send your device to our service center. Our service center takes over all shipping costs.

After the repair service center provides a guarantee on performed work and changed parts. Turning to us once, you will recommend us to their friends and acquaintances. For regular customers our service center has a system of discounts and bonus programs.

The company “Fixitex” have the best engineers who perfectly know the features of mobile repair of different manufacturers and have long experience with them. All repairs are carried out on the latest professional equipment using special tools and materials.                                                                                               

At first your phone or smartphone will be diagnosed. General diagnostics allows to determine the causes of faults encountered and possible hidden problems. Then the engineer will perform the necessary repairs and test your device. After the repair you will receive a guarantee of up to 6 months.


Repair and restoration of mobile phones and smartphones                                           

In any of service centers of the international network "Fixitex" You will get complex care of specialists. The range of service centers include:

  • Restoring the case, connectors, cables and contact pads;
  • repair or replacement of the motherboard;
  • Replacement microphone \ dynamics \ buttons and other parts.


In the short time our service center will repair your favorite phone after the fall, hold treatment and recovery after getting inside dust and moisture. Just contact one of our service centers and your phone will delight you with its impeccable work for a long time.