Apple iPod repair

Apple iPod repair needed if you damage the device or it needs software update. In addition, there is often internal malfunction related to problems of plume, battery or connectors.


Apple ipod repair in "Fixitex"

  • Replacement of accumulator in iPod needed when the device is not charging. The problem may lie both in the battery pack, and in connector. It is necessary to diagnose and determine the final cause of the problem.
  • Most often replacement of display in iPod  needed after falling from a great height. Light outer covering of the screen can not protect from all mechanical damage, including the fall. Our engineers will perform diagnostics of internal state of the iPod and eliminate all faults.
  • Replacement of switch on button in iPod more often required after liquid ingress or after mechanical damage. For a start engineers will check the button for the presence of trash and if it is necessary they will clean it.

In our service center iPod repair carried out quickly and efficiently. On average, the restoration of gadget takes several hours. Call us now to get more advice and to clarify the the cost of repairs.