Repair of mp3

Most often MP3 players faults caused by moisture or strong mechanical damage. people contact our service center for repair mp3 players such popular brands as Apple iPod, Samsung, Sony, Sencor and others.


Repair of MP3 players in "Fixitex"

  • Changing memory that came down is a common problem of devices. Flash-drive may be deformed or not in working order due to mechanical damage. There may be a problem in the connector for memory cards.
  • Repair / replace buttons may be necessary if you spill liquid on the device. Quite often buttons polluted and require careful cleaning. Our service center will determine the root cause of the problem and quickly solve the it.
  • Repair of mechanical damage to the hull required after the fall of the device. Maybe damaged both the casing and the screen of MP3 player. In addition to repairs, our engineers are protesting device for possible hidden defects and eliminate the problem.

Besides the replacement and repair of components of MP3 players, we also provide services to remove viruses, unlock and firmware devices.

You can visit our service center at any convenient time. We perform repairs quickly and efficiently at affordable price. If you spill liquid on the device - take your time. The earlier you arrive, the more chances to save the MP3 player functionality.