The repair of headphones

"Fixitex" salon maintenance offers a wide range of repair services for headphones  of different brands. We carry out the repair of any complexity. An expensive branded headphones often come in our service center  for repairing . Our engineers carry out the diagnosis and after they choose the best way to solve the problem they going to eliminate it. Here are the most common faults and troubleshooting.


Services for replacing of defective elements:

  • the replacement of earphone capsule. The capsule is one of the element in the headset. and it is very difficult to get it without hurting the body of earphone. Our engineers can disassemble the headset without any problems and restore the working capacity of capsule with using a special tool. As usually the solder of capsule does not provide the desired result, so it is better to replace it.
  • The replacement of jack (plug). With the regular listening to music with headphones  the owner is constantly disconnects / connects it to the gadget. After time it leads to wear of jack. The owners of Headphone A4-Tech, Apple and Fly often fall with such a problem. In such cases, it usually need to replace the plug, but this procedure is not so simple that it may seem at the first sight. If the solder is not robust, the fault will return soon. You should trust this task to "Fixitex" salon staff. Our specialists replace the plug with all rulles, and your headphones will work just as well as the day of purchase.
  • the replacement of battery. Some of the headphones trademarks(Fischer, Ergo and Dell) uses an electronic circuits with amplifiers that improve the quality of audio. For these kind of circiits it required the separate of power source, whose role can perform the batteries or inbuilt energy storage. If the integrated battery fails, you must to replace it for a new one.
  • the replacement of cord in assembly. The wire of headphones is constantly bends, which may result in breakages. This problem can be found in the products of any brand. After a lot of injuries the wiring soldering becomes difficult , so experts recommend you to replace the whole cord. To perform this task the specialist will carefully unsolder out the plug and the headphones from the faulty wire and then solder  to the healthy. You shouldn`t give your headphones to dilettantes if you appreciate it. You should trust this task to our qualified professionals. The result will not disappoint you!
  • The replacement of speaker. The speakers play a key role in the headphone. The membrane in dynamics is very sensitive and  it is directly involved in the reproduction of sound, so when the headphones receive even the small hit their work impared. This problem is very common and can occur with headphones of any brand. Such a fault is often found in products from Coloud, Dunu and EasyLink. The solution of it - replacing the speakers. Bring your headphones to the "Fixitex" office and we will restore it work.


The repair of faulty elements:

  • the restore of pads or conductors on the board of headphones.The fault of circuits in amplifier may be associated with damage to some contacts. After defining this fault our experts know how to solder all connections, and you would enjoy by full surround of the sound.
  • the repair of wireless in headphones. Lenovo headphones is more practical than others, which work by Bluetooth, without cable. At the same time, they are characterized by failure of  distance transmitter. This block needs to be diagnosed before troubleshooting . In most cases the solution rests in soldering of contacts.
  • the soldering of wire. Wires are gradually disappear while you employ your headphones. The sound will break off periodically. In addition, there may be a specific wheeze. Such problems are typical for Ferrari, Canyon and Cosonic. In such cases it need to disclose the wire in place of disruption and solder it. Trust this task to us, and your headphones will work for many years.
  • the repair of power. If diagnosis indicates that the battery works normaly and audio chip amplifier functions well, but the system board not working - it need to find a problem in the power controller. Most likely, a violation of contacts. Such faults are often found in products of JVC, Koss and LG. In practice of repairing headphones, in most cases, to solve the problem helps the soldering of contacts.
  • the restoration of headphone frame. For example, if you damaged your headphones (accidentally stepping on them or crushing by heavy object), but all of the functional elements (speakers, wire, plug, charge amplifier) stayed unbroken for further exploitation you need only to repair the corps. Our experts will be happy to perform this job for you.


The advantages of cooperation with our service center

"Fixitex" works in the service of mobile technology and accessories more than 10 years. During the years of working we learned all the intricacies and secrets of headphones repairing in different configurations. Our specialists are fluent in all of the necessary skills, so even the most complex tasks are executed efficiently and quickly.

With the advent of new technologies we taking for their study. This enables us to keep abreast with progress, and always be aware of the nuances in the new service technology. Turning to us, the customer will never get a negative response.