Repair of game consoles

"Fixitex" offers a wide range of services to restore of game consoles, from simple replacement of parts to complex repair of device. It need one day for replacing the display and joystick, repairing of Blu-Ray head and motherboard, soldering of CPU and more. Deadline of repairs largely depends on the complexity which can be determined only after diagnoses.


Advantages of repair in "Fixitex"
Our service center available not only for urgent repairing or additional professional advice, but repairs at home or in the office, delivery of repaired consoles, online ordering, and a wide range of original accessories. Do you want to reduce the cost of repair? We can offer you reliable counterparts. Our engineers use the most modern equipment to ensure excellent results. In addition, we conduct a warranty repairing of consoles. Warranty period goes from 1 to 6 months. The cost of repairing game consoles is just 4 $. Call us on contact numbers or use the online chat, and we will give you any advice.