Repair of audio systems

One of  direction of activities of our service center is repair of audio equipment.  "Fixitex" experts repair your sound system easily and you can use it more than one year! Our service center provides repairing and restoration services of technique more than  10 years and during that time we became true professionals. High skilled engineers perform all types of repairing and replacement of defective parts.


Repair of audio system. What we can offer to our client?

There are several problems that can happen with audio systems. Below we look about most common ones, and describe how to resolve them:

  • Power is available, but the system does not start. This problem is common in SoundMax, Supra and JVC. In such cases, the diagnosis starts from checking of the power system. At first, experts check the integrity of cord. Perhaps during the operation it was rubbed and now it does not pass an electricity. After the cord  we check the power supply. The real reason usually hides in it,  that`s because of regular listen to music at maximum volume. The most effective way to fix the problem -  the replacement of the power supply, but in some cases it is possible to repair it.
  • Audio system does not respond for signal of console. This failure often can be seen in Nude Audio, Promate and Harman Kardon, it occures after long time using. Over time, the sensitivity of receiver go down. First you need to come closer to sound system , but eventually the signal ceases to work at all. To solve this problem you need to replace of receiver.
  • Sound dissapeared. Rather, the problem is inside, but first you should to test the speakers. If this hypothesis is confirmed, the system should include in service center. Our experts will diagnose the system and, if necessary, solder damaged contacts, replace connectors or repair amplifier. Then the problem will be solved.
  • Sound is quiet, distortions or crack in the sound. These "symptoms" could indicate a malfunction of speakers, so the first thing you should check them out. For example, damage to the speaker can defined by the naked eye, but the problem may be not only in it. After cheking the diffuser you should check the status of the coil. To this end, the speaker need to disassemble. At home, with no experience and special tools      you will make it fail, so it's best to give your system to service center. Our experts will solve the problem, and after a few days you can enjoy your favorite music in good quality, without extraneous hiss and other noise.
  • Disappear of bass. Typically, low frequencies are "fall" due to failure of the subwoofer. This problem occurs regularly in Marshall, Sony and Sonos. Rather, one of the amplifier circuit was disrupted . Repair of subwoofer in this situation will require of soldering contacts or replace the damaged circuits. This work requires special tools and special skills, but this is not a problem for our engineers.
  • Violations of the connectors. In this malfunction after you connect speakers to the audio system sounds you heard a characteristic hissing sound. This problem often faced by users of home theater Amazon, Daewoo and Canton. For restoring full system performance it is simply to replace the connector, but this is not so simple. To repair audio for home theater, engineers need completely take it to pieces, set new audio jacks and test the contacts to which they are connected.


Actions in emergency situations

The greatest danger for any technology, including audio and music, is water. When water got into the speakers or subwoofer  - immediately give it to service center. With each passing hour, more moisture will spread across the internal elements of the system, creating the corrosion. Our experts will quickly disassemble the device and remove all the accumulated water in it that will prevent rust and we will recover the system.

If during the using of audio you noticed that the power supply indicator flashes in time with the music - it means that the power supply is working at top capacity. Soon it will need to be replaced or have to listen to music at medium volume.


Why clients choose us?

Our experts know all nuances of different audio equipments. We practice not only in service of home theaters and music centers, also perform the professional repair of audio in cars . You can bring us any reproducing device, and we will fix it without any problems. In addition, in working with multi-audio system, we can perform repairs of AV processor, receiver and other units not related to audio reproduction.

Our experts monitor the entry of new technologies and explore their characteristics, they know all answers. Address to "Fixitex" service center , and you will be satisfied by our work!